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Non Invasive Testing

Peripheral neuropathy can be due to many causes, but diabetes is very frequently the origin. 20% of those who first learn that they have diabetes have some evidence of neuropathy at the time of diagnosis. Almost all cases can be reversed if caught early. People with neuropathy, usually feel a ranging pain in their feet. It is possible to have neuropathy without pain, which is actually more problematic. You donít know what you canít feel.

How is the test done?
Peripheral neuropathy testing is done on sensory nerves only. A small electrode is attached to the great toe. Then a low level electrical pulse is administered and increased slowly until the patient senses it. The impulse feels like a tingling, an itching, or a warm sensation. The first tingle means the end of that phase of the testing. Some patients may have experienced the painful nerve conduction studies where the speed of electricity is measured as it passes the length of a nerve. This is not that kind of examination.

Prevent injury, infection, falls, and amputations
Peripheral neuropathy can result in serious health difficulties. If your sensory nerves are damaged, you may be unable to feel painful experiences. For example, you could step on a rusty nail and not know it. If you could sense the nail, you would lift your foot before you were cut. Infection can arise and not be felt in early stages. Falls become a problem when someone cannot feel where their feet are. Neuropathy, in association with poor circulation, is the most common underlying reason for amputation. This test may discover the first symptom of another neurological disorder.

New Innovations have significantly improved the treatment of diabetic neuropathy
In recent years reversal of diabetic neuropathy has become possible; the key is to catch it in its early stages. Donít forget to ask our team about Anodyne infrared therapy to learn how you can benefit from this new non-invasive therapy.

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