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CardioVascular Profiler

Photo of CV ProfilerHealthy arteries are flexible and elastic - they expand and briefly store blood from each heart beat thereby helping the heart move blood to all areas in your body. Unhealthy or diseased arteries are often stiff or hardened - placing extra strain on the heart and the artery wall which can result in heart failure, artery obstructions (plaque) and abnormalities that can interfere with normal blood flow.

With a quick, simple and non-invasive test, the CVProfilor® measures artery elasticity, which can help your physician identify whether you have potential underlying vascular disease. When arteries stiffen, they are more likely to clog and cause heart attacks and strokes. The CVProfilor® provides information on the health of your arteries and can help to identify problems even before you are aware of them.

The CVProfilor® is a product of Hypertension Diagnostics, Inc..

Request an appointment for the CVProfilor®. More Questions? Please contact us.


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