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Continuous Glucose Monitor

Photo of MiniMed's CGMSThe Diabetes Control and Complications Trial (DCCT) taught us that constant monitoring of blood glucose levels provides the necessary information to keep tight control of one's diabetes. The DCCT recommended self monitoring of blood glucose at least 4 times each day. Now with the Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) you can get an accurate reading of your levels 288 times a day.

The Continuous Glucose Monitor, by MiniMed, is similar in size to an insulin pump or a pager. It is worn for 72 hours and is connected by a sensor that resides near the belly button. A measurement is taken every five seconds whether you are at work, playing soccer, or asleep.  

After wearing the CGM for 72 hours, bring it back to EMMC. We will download the information and, with the associated software, review the data in graphical form. With this information we can see how meals, exercise and medications effect your blood glucose and at what rate. The CGM is a great way to see if your diabetes treatment program provides you the best possible control.

Request an appointment for the Continuous Glucose Monitor. More Questions? Please contact us.


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