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Cardiovascular Health

Over the Counter Health Tip:

The daily recommended dosage of L-Arginine is 5 grams.

While awareness of cardiovascular statistics is important, we focus on helping you and your families practice prevention strategies that are affordable, within reach, and that promote well-being.

Enjoy this informative and personal interview where Dr. Joe, sixty eight years of age, shares the story behind the Nobel Prize winning discovery that today is responsible for his “sixteen year old arteries.”

Learn how testing and fast acting natural nutritional products like L-Arginine can protect you from:

  • Bad Cholesterol
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Sexual Dysfunction

Click here to listen to the interview (approximately 30 minutes)

2006 Statistics:

Fact 1: Cardiovascular disease is the #1 cause of death in America.
Fact 2: Cardiovascular disease is now the leading cause of death in women, far surpassing breast cancer

Scientific advancement is trying to tell us how to better protect ourselves from Cardiovascular Disease. EMMC is committed to helping patients keep up with science, know how to apply it, and live the benefits.


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