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Total Body Analysis

TBA for Weight Loss

This exciting technology is available to you at EMMC and will help you get the weight loss results you are looking for. It provides us with an accurate direct calculation of the total body, the total picture, and it is widely validated.

What is it?

It is a non-invasive 30-40 minute test performed in our office.

What is it for?

  • Measures brown fat, the deep fat at the waistline responsible for heart disease, diabetes and the fatigue associated with the metabolic syndrome.
  • Total body fat distribution, in the middle and other regional fat collections.
  • Quantification of regional fat.
  • Total body calcium.
  • Total body muscle mass.

Additional benefits

  • Identifies primary or secondary osteoporosis.
  • Directs all hormonal therapy.
  • Handles osteomalcia treatment.
  • Manages celiac disease or other wheat allergy.

Why is this important?

  • Prevents, reverses cardiovascular disease.
  • Prevents, reverses diabetes 2.
  • Fat distribution directs therapy for regional weight loss.
  • Fat distribution directs total weight loss therapy.
  • Low muscle mass directs hormonal, metabolic and other therapy.

You can learn more about this integral part of our weight management program at your first visit.

Request an appointment for Total Body Analysis. More Questions? Please contact us


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