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Ankle Brachial Index

Non Invasive Testing

The arteries of the leg are the longest arteries in the body. If something, such as hardening or filling up with cholesterol, is slowly narrowing the inside of the arteries, it can be detected by looking at the wave forms and the arterial pressures as measured by blood pressure cuffs. These values are compared with the arm artery pressure creating an index that allows the ability to look for the subtleties of change that can diagnose decreased blood supply and monitor therapy.

Improve your circulation
Treatment can also decrease the need for amputation or other surgical procedures to restore circulation. For those with diabetes, this is particularly important. Diabetes remains the largest single cause of non-traumatic leg amputation.

If blood pressure is low in the legs, giving a lower index, probably generalized hardening of the arteries is indicated. Reversal of this situation is possible with diet and medication. This can control or reverse the tendency for a stroke or heart attack.

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