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Favorite Links

Pacific Medical Research Foundation - dedicated to the study, treatment, education, and eventual cure of diabetes and its physical complications.

Diabetes Health Magazine - The news magazine for the Diabetes Community since 1991.

The Light Living Program - An Integrated Approach to Healthy Eating and Weight Management. Based on 25 years experience in the health and weight loss field, this course is customized to your unique body type and biochemistry. Includes individual/group/online sessions along with workbook, 5 CD's and ongoing support sessions. Focuses on using guided imagery/biofeedback, stress reduction along with exercise and natural amino acid therapy for compulsive/addictive eating.

I am pleased to report that the majority of my patients have great results with the Light Living Program, an integrated approach to health and weight. The program is a based on a customized eating plan for each person's unique body type and biochemistry. There is no dieting and deprivation. It helps to balance blood sugar, increase energy levels and teaches patients how to shop and prepare healthy, balanced meals. The customized supplement program is based on sound scientific testing which includes digestive analysis and food sensitivity profile.

The Light Living Program addresses the underlying imbalances that lead to food cravings, weight gain and compulsive overeating. The Light Living PreMeal Beverage contains natural amino acids that are highly effective and produce lasting results in energy levels and weight loss.

After testing this approach with many patients, I highly recommend this customized, scientific and outcome-based approach to anyone interested in making permanent changes in their health, weight and lifestyle.

-Dr. Joe Prendergast

Diabetes Exercise and Sports Association - DESA is a non- profit service organization whose members include persons with diabetes who participate in fitness activities at all levels, health care professionals, and  those who are interested in promoting exercise in the diabetes care plan.

Insulin Pumpers - Insulin Pumpers provides information and support for people with diabetes and their families interested in insulin pump therapy. There is a section devoted to children with diabetes with stories about the success of children with diabetes who use the insulin pump.

Diabetes Monitor - Monitoring diabetes happenings everywhere in cyberspace, and providing information, education and support for people with diabetes.

Managing Your Diabetes -   All kinds of information ranging from the general stuff to clinical guidelines.

The Foot Nurse - Foot education for the safety, health, & wellness communities.

The Diabetic Gourmet Magazine - A portal of resources including recipes, shopping tips, and current research.

Feed-Back.com - You can use this site for news and market reports on diabetes, e-health, home health care, medical call centers, telehealth, and telemedicine.

AIDA online - allows you to simulate the effects of changes in insulin and diet on the blood glucose profiles of various example 'virtual diabetic patients'.

Life Clinic - patient education Web site which delivers comprehensive diabetes management information and interactive health diary tools.

Diabetes Dictionary - This dictionary of diabetes terms defines words that are often used when talking or writing about diabetes. It is designed for people who have diabetes and their families and friends.

My Diabetes Journal - Easy to follow daily care journal that provides the tools you and your healthcare team need to help you achieve better blood glucose levels.

Diabetes Files - "Get informed.  Inform others." is the motto of this diabetes forum and community.  Sign up for a user name and chat with others about your mutual experience with diabetes.


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