Surprising Benefits of Vitamin D

The next time you go sunbathing or enjoying a stroll in the city under the summer sun, think about vitamin D. Because it is manufactured in your skin in response to sunlight, it earned the name “sunshine vitamin”. A fat-soluble vitamin, Vitamin D is a part of a family of compounds that encompasses vitamins D-1 to D-2. It has the capacity to affect over 2,000 genes in the body.

When the body is directly exposed to sunlight, it produces vitamin D naturally. Aside from the sunlight, you can also obtain vitamin D from particular foods and supplements to make sure your blood has sufficient levels of the vitamin.

Vitamin D has numerous significant functions. Maybe the most important are regulating the absorption of phosphorous and calcium and maintaining a normal immune system. Keeping a sufficient amount of vitamin D is crucial for normal physical development and growth of bones and teeth; improved protection against several diseases.

If the body does not receive enough vitamin D, it is at risk of getting bone abnormalities, including osteomalacia and osteoporosis.

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It combats with various diseases

Aside from the major benefits, studies suggest that Vitamin D may also play a role in the following:

  • minimizing your risk of getting multiple sclerosis – Journal of the American Medical Association, 2006
  • reduce the likelihood of having a heart disease – Circulation, 2008
  • helping to decrease the chance of developing the flu – American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 2010

It helps lose weight

If you are trying to lose weight or simply to prevent heart disease, consider adding Vitamin D supplements to your diet. In a study, participants who took Vitamin D supplement every day did not shed a significant amount of body weight; they were able to boost their heart disease chance markers.

In a different study, individuals taking calcium and vitamin D supplement every day lose more weight than people taking a placebo supplement. Researchers said the additional vitamin D and calcium had an effect that suppresses one’s appetite.

It decreases depression

A study has shown that vitamin D could be playing a crucial role in regulating one’s mood and preventing depression. Researchers discovered individuals with depression who took vitamin D supplements observed a significant improvement in their symptoms.

In a different study, involving people with fibromyalgia; Researches discovered vitamin D deficiency was more common in those people suffering from anxiety and depression.