4 Benefits of L-Arginine

A type of amino acid, L-arginine is one of the building blocks of proteins. We get it from our food, animal sources, and other types of red meat. Other than completing proteins that supply every important amino acid our body needs, L-arginine is also manufactured in laboratories to be made as supplements for the benefit of our heart health, exercise, mental health and etc.

The benefits of L-arginine is more than just manufacturing NO to help with blood circulation. Here are other four benefits that will compel you to try it.

Improves Heart Health

Studies have shown L-arginine can lessen inflammation and improve the performance of the blood vessels and the whole cardiovascular system. It prevents high blood pressure, improves blood flow, lessens high cholesterol, helps in relieving congestive heart failure, bettering stamina, and decreasing symptoms related with claudication. This is why it is very popular for Cardiologists to recommend this supplement. If you are at high risk of getting coronary heart disease, L-arginine supplements can be a helpful measure for stopping a stroke or heart attack.

Decreases Inflammation and Combats Aging Effects

L-arginine is not just good for the heart health, it is also effective in combating inflammation and heightening immune function. Studies have found that L-arginine has radical scavenging capacities because how it affects SOD enzymes and other antioxidant processes. It is very common among supplements that help slow the aging process and preventing several chronic conditions.

Boosts Immunity, Helps Stop Infections, and Increases Speed of Healing

L-arginine has been used for patients with weak immune system. It is believed that particular MSCs may cause arginine deficiency or low levels running in the blood. This can be an issue as our body’s immune system’s defensive lymphocytes and T-cells confide on arginine to protect the body.

Omega-3 fish oils and other supplements are combined with L-arginine to lessen the risk of infections; improve wound healing; decreasing recovery time after an illness or surgery. Sometimes, it is added to topical ointments for treating wounds.

Improves Performance During Exercise

Since L-arginine is popular for improving blood flow throughout the body, thus it is helpful in bringing oxygen and nutrients to all muscle and joint tissues. This is very important for people who love to exercise as they can enjoy the benefits of their workout but with less pain. In some cases, it is used to increase circulation and heat to damage joints or cold hands feet; It is very important particularly individuals with problems from other health diseases such as arthritis, diabetes or poor blood flow.