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Diabetes Personalized Focused Care

Personalized Focused Care

Thank you for taking the time to review the Diabetes Personalized Focused Care Program, a concept I began in 1994. This program offers you the treatment, support and education you need to gain better understanding and control of your diabetes. Introduction of new concepts and treatments enables you to reverse many metabolic complications. As ďthe cureĒ draws near, you are informed and ready to take your first steps on this path. Itís your time.

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How it is done

Endocrine Metabolic Medical Centerís (EMMC) diabetes nurse educators (RN) take charge of managing your diabetes care with weekly contact. Your RN assesses your health history by questions via email (best), phone or fax. A medical record is assembled electronically that allows transmission of all the information to whomever, wherever, whenever you deem appropriate. Video conferencing with you and your RN is available and is the favored communication mode.

Trained in diabetes management and supervised by Dr. Joe, the EMMC staff does the ďheavy liftingĒ of your diabetes care. Medication changes, new prescriptions, dosage changes, lab orders are done electronically. Glucose review and other symptom update are evaluated online.

If you are a patient of EMMC we are ready to begin Diabetes Personalized Focused Care. If you are not currently a patient of EMMC and canít come in to become an EMMC patient, you need to designate a primary care doctor or specialist for your team in your geographic area.  You might want to consider our Distant Care Program.

Like any office consultation, all lab and treatment change is forwarded to your doctor. Visits to your doctorís office are periodically needed to check blood pressure, do brief physical exams and do all that is necessary to integrate your diabetes with the rest of life. We send weekly diabetes E-News, type 1 or 2 E-News to you and your doctor.

What else is included?

  • Access to online discussion groups
  • Major focus on new technology
  • Medication discounts as can be obtained
  • Coupons for trials of new medications
  • Dietary trends outlined specifically for you
  • Appropriate exercise for you
  • Weight loss programs and E-News subscription to Weight, Weight donít tell me
  • Major testing (CVProfiler, Peripheral Neurometer, Arterial Study) and treatment for complications using EMMC based equipment
  • A membership card with our US and International telephone numbers for emergency contact and transfer of your medical data as needed
  • Unlimited office visits

How much does this cost?

The Diabetes Personalized Focused Care Program costs $2,500 for an annual membership, or you can join the monthly membership for $212.50.  As this is a global fee, it is not eligible to be reimbursed by your insurance company.

There is no reason now why you canít get the best of care. This decreases the cost of expert diabetes care, and considering the information you get from the yearly subscription E-News, itís priceless. 

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