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Diabetes Focused Distant Care

Your Personal Health Coach for the diabetic lifestyle

  • Treatment, support, education
  • New treatments, new concepts
  • Metabolic complications attacked
  • Conquering your family history’s greatest dangers.

You figure your WHY (future goals) and we handle the HOW

  • Diabetes nurse educators, RNs your health coach take charge
  • Weekly contact, weekly E-News on diabetes
  • Electronic medical record ready for us, for your doctor
  • Communication via email, phone, fax or videoconference

Network of Support

  • Family, friends or neighbor can be point of contact
  • A health promoter, a local health coach can “translate”
  • Monitor medication changes, testing, sent to pharmacies and labs for you
  • Your doctor’s office email may work for you
  • Keeping your doctor, your doctor informed of all that we do

All you need to start

  • Find your sponsoring doctor, your doctor to work with us
  • Print, complete and fax the sign up form to us.
  • Can you make your first visit at our center? You become our EMMC patient

What is the difference?

  • Lab and treatment change is forwarded to your doctor
  • Visits to your doctor’s office are periodically needed
  • Weekly diabetes E-News, type 1 or 2, to you and your physician
  • Set up your personal health plan with goals

What’s more?

  • Access to online discussion groups
  • Weekly contact with our staff
  • Major focus on new technology
  • Medication discounts as we can
  • Coupons for trials of new medications
  • Dietary trends & discounts
  • Appropriate exercise
  • A membership card with our Domestic & International telephone numbers if needed
  • What else do you need?

All this for?

Dr. Joe’s Diabetes One-on-One Distant Care is $130.00 per month. Get one month FREE for any 11 months prepaid.  Sign up now! This is not covered by any third party reimbursement as a program. Please refer to our program description for terms and conditions.

After years of patients demanding a system such as ours we are pleased that we are able to offer this plan to meet your health care needs. For a little less than 5 dollars a day you can obtain priceless care. We are looking forward to having you receive many life enhancement benefits and solutions from our specialized practice.

If you are interested in participating in this program, please print all the forms listed below, fill in the necessary information and mail them to: Endocrine Metabolic Medical Center, 805 Veterans Blvd., Suite 100, Redwood City, CA 94063.   Or Fax them to (650) 566-9825

Initial Patient History 
Current Medication Sheet 
Telemedicine Consent Form

You will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed to read these forms.


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