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Investing in Health with Byetta

The first three appointments of the Byetta Program will be in the office. Thereafter, follow ups will be through email, with one appointment visit in the office every quarter.

To get started, you should read the Byetta Story, download and complete the Initial Patient History, and then use this form to request an appointment.

First Appointment - CONSULTATION

Begin new patient intake meds, history, overview of procedures and supplements - with the knowledgeable staff and closing of consult with the doctor. If diagnosed with Dysmetabolic Syndrome, a scan to check for fractures and muscle/fat distribution (LVA/TBA) will be recommended. This procedure determines if you are a candidate for Byetta. The consultation includes a non-invasive procedure to check artery elasticity (Cardio Vascular Profile, CVP) for assessment of cardiovascular disease. A complete panel of lab work will also be ordered. At this appointment a regimen of vitamins and supplements will be recommended for you. Oral medications may also be prescribed at this time.

Estimated Appointment Time 1- 1 hours

Second Appointment - FOLLOW- UP

(Scheduled 10-14 days from Consultation)

This appointment will be scheduled to review lab results, medications, and side effects. Any questions and/or concerns that you may have can be addressed at this time. At this appointment the following non-invasive procedures will be performed:

The Byetta training will also be done at this appointment. You will be given a prescription at this time for Byetta.

**note EKG can be waived if a recent one can be supplied by you or your provider (1 year or less)

Estimated Appointment time 1 1 hours

Third Appointment - FOLLOW- UP

(Scheduled 2 weeks after 2nd appointment)

This appointment entails a review of medications, weight, measurements, side-effects if any. Following this appointment, the internet/email will be the primary way of communication on the program.

Estimated appointment time hour - 45min


It is recommended that you email your weight and progress. Any questions or concerns should be emailed to our staff so we can assist you in any way.

Includes 1 office visit every quarter (every 3 months)

Below are tests needed to be performed before Byetta is started.  The results determine baseline records and are useful in providing treatment. Tests may be performed again later to see if any improvements have been made. These procedures are non-invasive and can be conveniently done in our office.

Cardio Vascular Profile Ankle Brachial Index
Peripheral Neurometer Total Body Analysis
Continuous Glucose Monitoring System EKG

More Questions? Please contact us.


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