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62 Plus Care

We are pleased to invite you to participate in our newly launched program 62 Plus Care that broadens the side-by-side partnership we have shared with you. This program allows unlimited office visits and offers unlimited procedures included in a convenient and affordable single yearly price.

The 62 Plus Care program manages personal health systems in twelve or more different metabolic problems and complications. Not just your personal health issues, prevention, but focused on reversing the problem. Diminishing the total daily medicines by problem attentive management.

Twelve metabolic problems?  

  • Type I & II Diabetes
  • Cholesterol components
  • Hypertensionís new information and monitoring,
  • Regional & total weight management
  • Both types of metabolic neuropathy
  • Advanced evaluation and treatment of osteoporosis,
  • Early heart disease
  • Aggressive thyroid treatment
  • Menopause/andropause
  • Peripheral vascular disease
  • Chronic wound care

You let us know your problems we will work to find the diagnosis. Our efforts are not limited to the above conditions. We will orchestrate the investigation and the solution. We will reach for the answers as we always have. We will meet with you and explain it all. You know our trusted team, you know our capabilities, our innovation; we are here for you.

All 62 Plus Care members will receive a membership card with our number to call at any time. It will have our international access number as well. We can work with you to prepare for the medical aspects of any travels. You can call from foreign countries if something arises.

Dr. Joe's 62 Plus Care Program has an annual cost of $5,000 which can be broken down in to 12 monthly payments of $416.70.

Enroll now in the 62 Plus Care Program! 

62 Constant Care Program

If your personal health situation is such that unlimited procedures is just more than you need,  consider joining Dr. Joe's 62 Constant Care Program.  This programs offers everything you would expect from the 62 Plus Program without the diagnostic procedures you don't need at this time.  You are of course welcome to have any procedure necessary on a fee per procedure basis.

Dr. Joe's 62 Constant Care Program has an annual cost of $2,000 which can be broken down in to 12 monthly payments of $167.00.

Enroll now in the 62 Constant Care Program! 

Contact us to find out more.


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