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EMMC Online Programs

Endocrine Metabolic Medical Center offers these online programs:

Byetta Therapy - The first three assessment appointments will be in the office.  Thereafter, follow ups will be through email, with one appointment visit in the office every quarter.

Diabetes Prevention - Call our office to talk through a quick assessment. Depending on the answers you give, it may be appropriate for you to come in to the clinic to do some testing to determine your risk for diabetes.

Diabetes Personalized Focused Care - Come in to our clinic as often as you need to test for complications, receive quality education and insight into the latest in diabetes technology.

Diabetes Focused Distant Care - An online source for personal diabetes education and support. Diabetes educators work with each member to provide focused education and support for people with diabetes and their families.

62 Plus Care - Are you 62 years of age or more? This is the program for you. Take our high quality healthcare home with you. Enjoy weekly communications with the staff on issues that are important to you.

Weight, Weight Don't Tell Me - A weight control program that focuses on the 6 major metabolic areas to help you achieve your goals. 

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