Human Growth Hormone In A Nutshell

HGH Supplements– Growth Hormone Injections

As the name suggests, Growth Hormone (GH) acts as the fuel for the human body development. It is responsible for the reproduction and regeneration of the cells and triggers growth in adolescence years as well as maintains tissue and organ health throughout the life. The pituitary gland secretes the hormones in the human body but after a certain age, the production of this hormone starts to decline.

Growth hormone plays a vital role in the health of an individual, as it helps in various functions of the body, including increasing bone strength and density by enhancing calcium and mineral absorption, building muscle mass and increasing synthesis of proteins, liver functioning as well as boosting the immune system.

Growth Hormone Disorders

Both excess and deficiency of the HGH in the human body may lead to a variety of disorders.

The excessive production of the HGH can lead to the pituitary tumor and its excess, in the long run, may lead to headaches, impaired vision, thickening of finger and toe bones, muscle weakness and sexual dysfunction.

The deficient production of the HGH may cause growth problems in children, and obesity and low energy in adults; thus leading to a lower quality of life.

Growth Hormone InjectionsHuman Growth Hormone Injections

Artificial Growth Hormone also called somatotropin, is primarily available in the form of injections. It has to be injected directly into the body. It is used in hormone replacement therapy for HGH deficiency due to genetic conditions. A patient may be scheduled for several injections in a week depending on the extent of the deficiency. The treatment may continue for several years.

Usage of Growth Hormone

The usage of the hormone is strictly regulated and requires a prescription by a doctor.

Medical Uses

It may be used to treat HGH deficiency but with regular monitoring of the patient, as it may have dangerous side effects. It may also be prescribed in short bowel syndrome, a disease that reduces muscle tone and lowers hormone production.

Sports and as Enhancement Drug

Usage of GH by athletes has been banned by many regulatory bodies, including the Olympics. Though it is widely accepted to be a performance boosting method by the sports community, there is a lack of clear evidence. It is generally said to increase muscle mass, lean muscle and decrease chances of injury. Due to risks associated with these, athletes and sportspersons are discouraged from using growth hormone injections.

girl in the body building gymWeight loss and Antiaging

There are various advocates of using GH for anti-aging as well as weight loss. The basis behind weight loss is that obese people have reduced GH in their bodies. Various doctors at anti-aging clinics also prescribe the said hormone.

Side effects

The usage of GH is within the acceptable safety standards when weighed against its benefits. Still, the usage of the drug may result in swollen joints, carpal tunnel syndrome, and increased insulin sensitivity; thus posing a risk of diabetes. The patients to whom the injections are administered in hormone replacement therapy are closely monitored by their doctors with regular tests and checkups to check for any side effects.

Supplements boosting GH production

Various nutrition companies claim that their products increase the production of the GH in the body. A few of these include multivitamins and various health supplements, like arginine and glutamine. These supposedly stimulate the pituitary gland to produce more growth hormone by providing the right nutrition.

Increasing GH naturally

A good lifestyle can result in optimal HGH levels. Obese people are found to have lower GH levels than their healthier counterparts. Regular exercise, especially strength training with a well-maintained diet and a lean physique can normalize GH levels. Lack of sleep is also linked with reduced GH levels. Regular and required sleeping pattern can also promote GH levels. Take a proper diet and check your lifestyle to lead a healthy life.