How To Pass a Drug Test Fast

Do you desperately need to know how to pass a drug test fast?

Is your career on the line, or do you fear your parole may be revoked if you fail?

For whatever reason you need to pass the test, it is possible. For light or recreational users, it is possible to beat the drug test provided you have the right information.

Heavy users will have a harder time though, since the amount of traceable drug in their system is at a constant high.

For occasional users, here is some of the information you need to know.

Urine analysis drug tests are the easiest to beat compared to the other three options

Find Out the Type of Test to Be Administered

There are different types of tests where the samples vary from one another.  The most popular is the urine analysis, which is the most convenient and accurate.

A saliva test is another fairly common test since it’s very easy to get a sample and it’s difficult to fake a sample.

You may have to undergo a blood test. This is, however, less preferred since it’s very invasive. It, however, is very accurate to determine if the person is under the influence at the time.

The most complex is the hair follicle test, which is preferred to determine if a person has used drugs for a long period (up to three months drug use can be detected through the hair follicle test).

You may ask your supervisor if they will tell you beforehand what type of test you will be subjected to, although that is at their discretion.

Urine Analysis Test

Urine analysis drug tests are the easiest to beat compared to the other three options. You can either do a toxin cleanse by taking antioxidants designed to clear your system of any drug components and metabolites.

This is for the tests where you are inspected as you do your business (for example, by a law enforcement officer). The most reliable products will restore natural “markers” that are expected to be present in urine samples.

Depending on your scheduled test, you may opt for those that work in 24 hours over those that may require a few days.

Another useful but riskier tactic is to present synthetic urine. While it can be manufactured at home, your best option is to buy a ready-made kit.

This can only work if you are allowed to collect your urine sample in privacy. This option is mostly used for workplace drug tests.

Flushing out Your System

If your test is in a few days or weeks, you have the option of remaining clean for that period while drinking lots of water with vitamins.

This will reduce the threshold of detectable drugs in the sample, meaning you may just sneak your way through. It’s recommended to load up on fluids two to three hours before the test.

A high dosage of B vitamins will help retain the yellow color normal urine has. This so far is the easiest way a recreational user of pot will pass the test.

reduce the threshold of detectable drugs in the sample

What Not To Do

Do not try to dilute the urine sample, or tamper with it. Common trends like using bleach may render the test sample useless as it can easily be detected.

Once you are found with a tampered sample, your chances of being pardoned are minimal.

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