Health Insurance 101: Get Smart and Get the Most out of Your Policy

So, you are finally enrolled in a health insurance policy. Then you have made a smart investment.

Have you read what it covers? Have you had your professional insurance agent explain your insurance benefits inside out? Has he been transparent about everything? Have you already the answers to the questions that have been playing in your head? Is every detail about the health insurance plan you have chosen ironed out?

If so, then it is time for you to make the most out of the premium you pay for.

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Review Your Policy Time and Again

Although you have full understanding of every nook of the structure of your coverage, you need to make it a habit to review your policy time and again. Every policy owner needs to allot some time for a self-refresher rereading of his health plan. You never know what you may have missed or what may have slipped your mind over time.

Check, too, if there is a need for an upgrade on your plan.

You have to do constant cross-referencing of your existent health insurance plan against your current health and medical needs which change over time and may even alter drastically on any occasion. You have to ensure that your insurance plan still fits your health and medical requirements.

Especially take note of significant changes in your life such as an addition to the family whom you have to enroll or when the opposite happens and you have to take out of the list of policy enrollees namely your child who just turned into legal age, or a change in your civil status.

Because you have studied your plan inside out then you know very well your network of providers, stay within as much as any of your medical situations permits.

Do not run to a clinic or physician who is off your list of providers. Your insurance provider may pay very little for it or not at all.

Health insurance companies generally have a very wide network of medical providers and specialists which is more than enough to be of service to you and that you will not have to go out of your way to try and find others that are not in the already sufficient network.

Be Within Your CoverageHealth Insurance benefits

Seek quality medical attention but keep it as affordable as possible.

Making this a rule in your life as a health policy owner and sticking to it save you some significant amount of deductibles. If it is only a hangover-induced headache, you must know that there is no need to call an ambulance to rush you to the emergency room. Else, you just got yourself a very unnecessary medical expenditure.

As well, you may want to opt to go for medications that are generic and hence more affordable. Yes, you want the best brand with possibly the least side effects for your illness but it does not hurt to compare the innovator brand with the generic brand. And if you find that they offer just the same degree of remedy, pick the less expensive one.

Assert Your Rights and Benefit from Your Plan

This may happen in the event that your insurance provider refuses to pay for some hospitalization expenses you have just been billed. If you are convinced and know for a fact, as per double checking your coverage, that the insurance company should indeed pay for them, do not keep mum. This is not the time to be at peace with the virtue of letting things go. You do not let it go. Set forth the facts and fight for what you do not have to pay for.

If your health insurance provider’s website allows for you to have an online account, go ahead and sign up with it.

Your insurance company website is perhaps a very good repository of facts about your insurance plan. Check it out and sign up for an account if it permits for it. Navigate through all available tabs – FAQs, trivia, even sections about other policies you are not enrolled in. Fiddle with their insurance calculator just to try things out. Be interested. Be informed. All the time.


Maximize your use of health insurance, exhaust all the benefits it offers and make the most out of your policy.

If you are yet to acquire a policy, calculate this early and get health insurance quote free of charge here.