Strengthen and Tone Your Core with These Staple Ab Machines

With this generation’s collective obsession with beauty and health, there has been a surge in a subscription to healthy dietary plans that even readily prepared dishes are delivered at your doorstep, in membership in the now usually packed gym, and in enrollment in dance and fitness classes.

Firm and toned abdominal muscles are so attractive that they are a trend in this era’s beauty standards. Everybody aims for that solidly shaped core yet not everybody puts in the work or they just do not know where to start with the equipment and what to actually do with them.

Below can be of help to you then.

For the more financially economical and minimal in terms of equipment use, here are some ab workout contraptions commonly found both in the gym and at home. Find out in brief how they work.

Situp Benches

Target: entire core

Some of the oldest ab workout machines, these fitness benches are found all but everywhere. They can be readily purchased at sports shops for use in the convenience of your home. That is how practical they are.

Most of the situp benches available these days have an adjustment feature to it which alters the resistance of the machine depending on your workout needs and your actual physical capacities to perform the exercise. The benches as especially manufactured wide and long enough for almost any body frame. This helps avoid any injuries particularly on the lower back which absorbs so much stress and does so much work in the process of doing situps and thus is more prone to getting hurt.

Sit up benches are used to target training the entire core. They are versatile too. Crunches and leg raise, among a couple of other decline exercises, can be done with these too. They work for beginners and advanced users alike.

Ab Wheels

Target: lower and upper ab musclesStrengthen core with stability ball

Ab wheels are very practical. They are easy to stow and you can take them with you anywhere. Easy as they may be for storage purposes, it may be the opposite in the case of their actual use. They require a strong midsection because of its continuous exertion of force during the entire duration of rolling your trunk, with your knees firmly set on the floor, out and in with the wheels. While at it, you also have to focus on balancing yourself as you grip on the handles of the wheels. It hence may not be very fitting for newbies.

Not only are ab wheels some of the best for upper and lower abs training, but they also work out the shoulders and arms, and the lower back.

The effectiveness of abs wheels lie in the movement it requires, which is rolling of the torso, because this particularly isolates the midsection of your body. After all t is what you are aiming to trim down and tone with these wheels, right?

Roman Chairs/Hyperextension Machines

Target: core through strengthening of lower back

Roman chairs basically allow you to perform a kind of exercise that is quite like situps or crunches but with body facing downwards instead.

For this hyperextension workout, it is mandatory for you to maintain the right posture required of the exercise to keep you away from harming your lower back.

Ab Gliders

Target: core through extensive use of shoulders and arms

Ab gliders are fairly unique, setting itself apart from the other common ab workout mechanisms. They require the upper limbs to work at a relatively great amount as swinging your seated lower body back and forth similar to when you sit and move along with a rocking chair, only sideways. Hence, unlike most ab machines that there are, gliders make you use your lower body to work out your core.

And given the functions of the shoulders in the use of ab gliders, they sure are trained too.

Ab Rollers

Target: upper core

Not ideally suited for you if you are targeting to train your entire midsection, ab rollers are an apparatus that assists you in your crunches only which much better neck support – the neck which is at times harmed during unequipped crunches because of the tension that is absorbed.

Now, with ab rollers, you can better perform crunches without the worries of stressing or straining your neck.

The Takeaway

The frequency of abs workout makes a lot of difference. So does the amount of time invested. But more importantly, these ab machines work best when used appropriately for proper execution of the exercises. Correctness is operative – in posture, in movements. You would not want to hurt yourself, straining your muscles and tissues or dislocating a joint while in the process of getting nice abs. Pay special attention to caring for your lower back for its strength is crucial in building up any part of your core.

Pick the equipment of your choice now and follow this link and read through reviews of ab machines before your impending purchase.