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Endocrine Metabolic Medical Center (EMMC) is a clinic that approaches patient care with principles of integrative medicine and a focus on disease prevention. This unique perspective combines conventional forms of medicine with natural treatment options. It is an approach designed to promote well being through non invasive forms of treatment. At EMMC, patients are trained, empowered, and encouraged to take control of their own health in cooperation with the latest technology, treatment, education and information where to buy clenbuterol pills. We help patients who are diabetics, who have weight control issues, hypertension, inflammatory conditions, or who are seeking non surgical alternatives.


The Latest Innovative Treatments

Byetta for Diabetes Care
Our First Report on Byetta Results - Read the newsletter (pdf)
C-Peptide what you need to know
Anodyne Infrared Therapy for wound healing, inflammation, edema, and neuropathy

Patient Resources

Patient Forms
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E-News for Diabetes 1
E-News for Diabetes 2
E-News for Obesity

Diabetes Blog
Discussion Groups
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The Dental Connection
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The Latest Innovative Technologies

Total Body Analysis a tool for weight loss and early osteoporosis detection
Bone Densitometry a tool for detection of osteoporosis


Non Invasive/Painless Testing

Continuous Glucose Monitoring for diabetic glucose control
CardioVascular Profiling System for hypertension
Neurometer testing for neuropathy
Ankle Brachial Index (ABI) for peripheral artery disease and circulatory problems

On-line Programs

We provide on-going patient care utilizing all the medical resources of our clinic as well as the technical resources of the World Wide Web.

Diabetes Prevention
Diabetes Personalized Focused Care
Diabetes Focused Distant Care
62 Plus Care
Weight Control


Natural Supplements

L-Arginine, Chelation agents, and Omegas 3, 6, and 9 for vascular protection
Vitamin D and its role in arthritis, muscles, cancer, multiple sclerosis, Crohn's disease and more

In the News

Dr. Joe and Synergy Tour Europe
Synergy's Pro Argi9 Plus Formula

L-Arginine: A Primer for Its Power - article by Dr. Joe
EMMC Reports on Byetta’s Patient Results 11 Months After Approval

America’s Self-HealthCare® Advocates Welcome Their New Doctor
Dr. Joe Releases his first book:  Managing your Health  
Dr. Joe Receives AMA Award
Dr. Joe Publishes "Promatora Telemedicine Project"

Patient Empowerment

“Patient empowerment is probably the most philosophically exciting idea to emerge in medicine in recent years. Patients can, and must, be educated to play the primary role in maintaining their own health. I have seen it work and have had the great satisfaction over the past 30 years of helping thousands of individuals live full and active lives.”
~ J. Joseph Prendergast, MD.

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